"Play and run" in unity for Oculus quest

Hello, i bad say in English, me need help. I want do, when click play in unity , my project start in my device (oculus quest) , play do not bild.Sorry again for my English

The only way to do that is using Oculus Link. Check Oculus Developer portal support pages for how to set that up.
You need:
Compatible GPU (nvidia 10-series+)
Oculus Home installed on your desktop.
A true usb 3.0 cable,
import OVR plugin from the store,
log into your Oculus Developer account through OculusPlatformSettings in the Resources folder,
set up a placeholder app on your developer portal, and download the API tokens, paste the token in OculusPlatformSettings,
Have Oculus Desktop package loaded through the Package Manager.
use OVRManager enabled camera rig (either the one supplied by oculus or using the new tracked pose driver)

Lots of pre-requesites, but it works.

Hey I did all of this and I get stuck on loading unity in the quest. The editor itself loads on the desktop but seems to have no connection to the device at all.

Nevermind got it working but only on the left eye is this the case for everyone?

If on Android, use Multiview. MultiPass is currently broken. Multiview has tranlation jitters too, so not release ready. I'm waiting for 2019.3 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m already using the 2019.3 beta and multiView.

What did you do to get it working?

Did you activated this?