play animation on top of animation

I have a basic idle to walk animation and would like to add “open door” animation that can be run while an idle or walking animation is playing.

I tried to solve this problem by moving open door animation to another layer in animator controller and setting blending mode to override and it seemed to work but when the “open door” animation finishes, it goes back to the idle or walk animation instantly making it look weird.

Please help me… I’ve been struggling with this problem for about a week.

Essentially the open door animation is interrupting the upper body to open the door, then returning to the base layer after complete.

Consider using has exit time for the idle/walk animations instead of a layer solution. This will allow the character to transition into the open door animation from walk/idle and return to them on the first frame of idle/walk. This will require the open door animation to blend with the other two animations, so tweaking the open door animation in 3D might be needed.