Play animations from the same blender file separately in unity

I am making a building in blender to use in unity. The building has 2 different doors with different armatures. They also have their own opening animation. I want to play one door animation at a time when the player chooses to open one of them. But when I play the opening animation on one of them they both play the opening animation. How can I get them to play their animation separately?

All of the objects are located in the same blender file.

You could either put the .blend file as two prefabs, each one having a door, and use them as two separate animation controllers with their own animation of opening. Or have like 4 different animation states to go from, where 2 states of one door is open, and 2 states with the other door open with those states overlapping each other to get all the combinations. The first solution is probably easier since it will take less coding.