Play audio during fullscreen movie playback


I’m using Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie to play a video file in my game, and I need to be able to play music in the background while the video is playing. I tried just playing the music before starting the video but it doesn’t keep playing and I can’t find any information about doing this.

Will this even work ? or is there a different way ? (short of re-encoding all the videos with the music added)


Straight from the documentation

Calling this function will pause Unity during movie playback. When playback finishes Unity will resume.

I had a problem with this as well. The only way around this I could see would be to use a movie texture on a 3D plane in your scene so you can handle playing back the movie and the audio clip simultaneously. If you’re going super serious mode, I suggest using a plugin like the AVPro plugins from RenderHeads. They’ve worked great for me in the past and they offer wonderful support.

EDIT: Alternatively, you could re-encode your videos with the audio you want. It sounds like you’re trying to avoid that though. :slight_smile: