play different sound each time i detect image target

i detect multiple image target in unity say i detect (image of rabbit , image of cat) when the camera see cat it should play sound saying “there is a cat” and the same of the rabbit. my problem is when it detect the first target it play sound loud but when detect the second target it play the sound too low to be heard and some times not played ??? i do not no what to do ???

Are the audio sources attached to the images? I mean: the cat has an AudioSource with the clip “there is cat”, the rabbit has another AudioSource with its own clip, and so on. If so, the problem probably is due to the distance from the camera (sounds are attenuated as a function of the distance from the AudioListener). Since in your case the distance apparently should not be taken into account, the easier solution is to select each AudioClip and clear its checkbox 3D, what eliminates the spatial effect (the sound plays the same no matter where it’s located).