Play "Fail Laugh" on Respawn

Hey, I was wondering, in a 2D game, how you would go about falling off the edge (with a “Death Zone” and “Respawn Point”) and then having Unity play a “Fail Laugh” whenever the player gets respawned. I cannot seem to write the right script to do such a thing; I’ve tried stuff like {OnFunctionEnd : audio.Play(Transform);} but I seriously think I’m doing something wrong here. Any suggestions??

You need a trigger around your level and the a OnTriggerEnter script. Try the worminator tut by tt on youtube if your just starting out.

To play an audio when entering a trigger collider you can just do this:

So, lets say you have your trigger colliders going around your map (so, game boundaries).

What you want to do is attach a script to the trigger colliders:

var failLaugh : AudioClip;

function OnTriggerEnter(collision : Collider){
    if(collision.gameObject.tag == "Player"){

Play the sound in the same method that spawns the player.

So assuming that there’s an AudioSource attached to the game object where the respawn script is attached, just call:


right after the character respawns.

I don’t know why you have Transform there, but it shouldn’t be there.