Play Games Services for Unity - getting single score or show public leaderboard?

This is a two part question, semi-related. I am using this plugin for Play Games Services for Unity3D, on Android platform: GitHub - playgameservices/play-games-plugin-for-unity: Google Play Games plugin for Unity

While using (for android) Play Games Services for Unity how can you:

A) When you show your specific leaderboards for your game, instead of having it show “My Circles” first, how could you have it show the “Public” list when the window opens showing the Play Games Services leaderboard?


B) How can I pull a single, or set of specific scores from the leaderboard? I tried “LoadScores()” but this is not implemented yet…so…what then?

Sorry if this has been asked before, search has failed me on this one, and brings much garbage on the subject matter of Play Games Services.


You must ask the developers of that plugin to have a leaderboard scope as in iOS. If they don’t have, you can write your own plugin for android.

First make sure that GooglePlayServices allows you to show public leaderboard first.

You can use prime31’s plugin if you spend some dollars.