'Play' is not a member of 'Object'

I’m trying to play a sound when a sphere touchs the ground and I got this script:

#pragma strict
public var collide;
var audios;
function Start() {
	audios = GetComponent.<AudioSource>();

function OnCollisionEnter() {
	audios.Play(collide, 0.7F);

But when I try to run it, the compiler gives me this error:

Assets/Collide Sound.js(10,16): BCE0019: 'Play' is not a member of 'Object'. 

What should I do to fix it OR if I’m doing it wrong, how can I make the ball have a “bounce sound”?

What is audios? You haven’t declared its type, so Unity can only assume it’s a generic object. And generic objects don’t have Play () methods, as the error states. If you want it to be an AudioSource, declare it as such - change line 4:

var audios : AudioSource;