Play mode Application.UpdateScene message preventing me from playtesting,Can't enter play mode because of UpdateScene update message

We’re currently creating a math game and when I try playtesting one of my three scenes, I get an Application.UpdateScene update wich is preventing me from playtesting, the update won’t end. But when I run the two other scenes, it works just.

And btw i’m using Unity version 2020.1.0b8.

@Positron1 I wonder if are debugging and you have hit a breakpoint in Visual Studio? This happened to me, and as soon as I hit continue (f5) in Visual Studio, the application.updatescene message disappeared.

Turn out my error was that I was instantiating hundreds of copy’s of an object and i didn’t see it, so the scene was constantly updating. I fixed the issue by just changing my code to instantiate only one copy. That worked perfectly.