Play .mp3 file.

I just need to play a .mp3 file around every 2 seconds, but can't find the necessary line of code for such!

This is the code that you need to use:

    var MyAudio : AudioClip;

     function Start () {
       while (true) {

                   AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(MyAudio, transform.position);
        yield WaitForSeconds(1.0);


let me know if this worked for you. Just make an empty game object or attach this script to the camera. Once you attach it if you click on the camera you will see the script underneath the script you will see a open variable which asks you for a audio Clip add it and run it and see what happens :)

That only works if you reference a mp3 inside your project.

If you want to play an mp3 from the local computer look at the Asset uAudio - MP3 Player