Play on Weebly, host on Dropbox, won't pass install web player

I’m trying to play my game on my weebly website, but use my Dropbox as my host. I have installed the web player on my computer, and also restarted my machine/restarted my browser, but (on weebly) the game will not stop saying I need to download the web player. I saw somewhere that the html code needs to be edited to bypass this, but haven’t been able to find any help as to what needs to be changed. Any help with this will be hugely appreciated, thanks!

I had that problem, it’s best to get Weebly to open a new window and upload the html and webplayer files onto Dropbox too. Then link to the html file through weebly and it should run.

The link you get from DropBox will be an https://dl.dropbox/etc. You need to change the header to “http://” taking out the “s” for the secure layer.