Play one audioclips multiple the same time?

I want to make a machine gun, but I’ve got a problem with the sound:

I want to be able to change to volume! That’s the reason why i use audio.Play() and not
My machine gun shoots while if have pressed down “Fire1”. The audio clip is played every time my machine gun shoots one bullet.
When i used the sound just overlaped. Since I’m using audio.Play() the sound always stops before a new one is played. So you always just hear about the first 0.5 seconds again and again and that sounds stupid.

I hope you understand my problem and can help me :slight_smile:

//This allows you to drag and drop the item on the Hierarchy to the object script in the inspector.

var InstanceBeingCreated:Transform;

//This allows you to create a object. The last two parameters are for positioning things were the script’s parent’s transform.position is
//and it’s rotation.

clone = Instantiate(InstanceBeingCreated, transform.position , transform.rotation);