Play parent animation without affecting the child animation


I’m doing a sidescroller shooter. I linked everything I wanted in the screen to a “Master” controller, who is constantly moving on the x axis through my map. I want my Master to control the basic movement in the lvl, and add some camera moves that I can trigger at some points.

I animated the Master and the main camera (which is linked to the Master) with the animation window.

As I can see, if the parent (Master) plays its animation, the child (main camera) starts its own, that I don’t want. The animations doesn’t Play Automatically, I call them in script.

So my questions are: Is there a way to play my Master animation without the one of the main camera? How do I trigger the animation of the main camera, which is the child of the Master?

I hope I make myself clear enough. Thank you.

I usually just create an Empty GameObject and put both the parent and the child inside, so i can play the animations separately.