Play Random Music


How can i play randomly music clips? i have about 43 clips and want them to be played randomly in the game. how can i do this?

In code make an array for your 43 clips, then drag and drop the audio clips into each slot. Use the Random.Range function to compute a number between 0 and 42, then set that clip to your AudioSource.

I would take a look at arrays, Random.Range, and indexing.

For instance, your variable for an array for all of your clips would look like:

var myClips : AudioClip[] = new AudioClip[43];

So that makes an array of all of your audio clips. Dragging and dropping them might be tedious though -_-

Now you can use Random.Range. You want your min to be 0 because indexing starts at 0 and your max can be 43 because in Random.Range the max value is exclusive.

Now you can just use indexing to get:

var chosenClip : AudioClip = myClips[ Random.Range( 0,43 )];

And you can do that as much as you want!

Hope this helps. If there is anything I was unclear about just let me know!