Play select into next scene

i need help with being able to select a play shown in pic on the left then being able to pick the position of the field shown in pic in the bottom right, when you click on the field selection i need want it to be able to load into the next scene and watch the play they selected play out in 3d animation. i already have the scene with the 3d animation for both plays (separate scenes for now would like 1 scene). any help into the right direction would be great. thank you.


public class Next_Level2 : MonoBehaviour {

//public bool PLAY_1;
//public bool PLAY_2;
FormationToPlays PLAY_1; 
FormationToPlays PLAY_2;

void OnMouseUp()
			//is this play1
			if (PLAY_1 == true) {
					// load play1
					Application.LoadLevel (3);
			} else {
					//is thsi play2
					if (PLAY_2 == true) {
							//load play2
							Application.LoadLevel (4);


void Update()

	//quit game if escape key is pressed
	if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Escape)) {


Attach a script to an empty GameObject in the scene, containing the Object.DontDestroyOnLoad statement. When a new scene loads, this object persists, so you can store variables, etc in this script that you might need to carry over to the new scene.