Play specific animation in mechanim

Hello, I did not find any tutorials of what I wanted to do so I’m asking you guys.
How Do I make that If I hold down “W” It will play the walk animation and when I dont hold down anything It will play the Idle? And when I hold down RightMouseButton It will play my aim animation etc. I’m using the mechanim and I tried over 10 tutorials on youtube and vimeo.
How Do I manage everything?

This is a basic scripting tutorial for mecanim animation: Animator Scripting from the Unity’s tutorial section for Mecanim Animation

The scripting tutorial above is the starting base for you where you will learn how to switch between animations on specific conditions. Then once you learn that you can start building scripts for your bigger picture. :slight_smile:

Check those videos out and let us know where you get with your scripting so that we can help you with specific issues rather than just providing you with a ready-made scripts.