Play to Device on device requires relaunch

Every time I use Play to Device on the actual device, I have to force quit the “Play to Device” app and relaunch it before playing the scene again. In the simulator it works fine. Would appreciate any thoughts here

Thank you!


I’ve had issues with this as well. Things seem to generally work reliably after a force quit, and it seems there may be some correlation with scene size/loading time.

I’m curious if the dev strap will help with reliability.

Another bug (albeit not a particularly bothersome one) I’ve noticed in PTD (apologies if this isn’t the right place to post) is that when leaving play mode after running an unbounded scene the PTD app stays in unbounded mode and the UI is stuck on the floor at the origin, instead of transitioning back to a moveable volume like when it was launched

Also have to Force Quit it any time the device sleeps in order to restore the connection