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Yeah that’s my assumption. I am on the fence about creating a US account to test the theory, but this is the error I get:

We are able to download PTD via TestFlight, despite being outside the US. So I don’t think it’s a matter of location.


That’s interesting! How did you manage to do it? I can’t install TestFlight without a US account the App Store does not work.

I just went to the App Store and downloaded TestFlight. We’re on a DevKit however, maybe there are differences I don’t know about.

If you can access the App Store then I would say the DevKit is giving you special access.

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After further reading here I can ping my Vision Pro IP from the Mac, and can start a connection by adding the IP address with the default 9876 port.

My I can confirm the same behavior as Yumby above - infinite spinner in Editor and no content display on Vision Pro.

Unity 2022.3.19f1
VisionOS 1.0.2 and/or 1.1 (2105181e) Beta
Play to Device 1.0.3


I had the same issues as mentioned above with the infinite spinner but I continued to close and open the P2D app on the Vision Pro. I had to close and open about 10+ times before it finally connected. It a little bit of a hassle right now but when it works it works well.

Make sure you also set your “Connection Timeout” to something larger like 99 seconds. I am looking forward when this connects without the hack.


How did you reopen the Play to Device app? Did you have to Force Quit each time and then restart the Editor in play mode each time?

Keep the editor running with the infinite wheel then close and reopen the app in the Vision Pro by clicking the “x” button then just reopen the app.

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The key is to have the P2D open before you play in the editor. If it works then the infinite wheel will come up on your Mac. The P2D should disappear and not connect then reopen your app menu on your Vision Pro and continue to try to reopen the P2D app it until it connects.

Actually the P2D doesn’t even need to be open when you press play on the editor. If the spinner wheel is on then it’s trying to connect. You just have to try to keep opening the P2D app on the Vision Pro to connect. Eventually the spinner will turn off and if you open the P2D app on the device it should connect. At least that’s what is working for me.

Happy to report that I have Play to Device to the Vision Pro working. Like others here have shared, reopening the Play To Device Host app seems to do the trick. I also found that doing a Force Quit (push digital crown + top button for 2 seconds) of the app on the Vision Pro helped. I made a video to show it in action along with steps in the YT description.


Thank you! I have it working also now, increasing the connection timeout to 100 seconds and repeatedly pressing the crown buttonand reselecting the PtD app makes the scene pop up eventually.

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Having the same issue.

This is a show stopper for dev. I got it to work after extending the time out to 100 s and spamming the PTDH using the crown but even that is pretty unreliable. After it does finally work the playback is also pretty glitchy and choppy. Will be amazing once it works though.

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Ok we finally managed to get TestFlight properly working on the device, and dragging the app into the simulator also worked.
It seems to still not work really well on the device

(reopening the app 10x as advices seems to be the needed thing to do)

Also it seems to only work for volume experiences not fully immersive ones.

Is that correct?

Will there be an update soon to improve reliability?


The MixedReality sample doesn’t work in PTD(


Hello fellow sufferers- I mean XR devs.
Ya, I had trouble with PTD too. But even if I got it to work, I’m working on a VR (AKA “fully immersive”) game. So far, I’ve been testing by building my game and using the $300 cable to install it. It’s not too bad, only takes a minute, but it would be helpful to be able to PTD for VR games so I can see what’s going on at runtime within Unity.

My question for Unity:
Any plans for PTD for VR games? Perhaps it could even take advantage of the $300 cable’s bandwidth? Or is PTD for VR games very hard / impossible for some reason?

If this is something you’re interested in, definitely submit feedback to that effect on our road map.

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I have ran into quite a few issues trying to get PTD working. Everything is seemingly in order- I am able to build the template scenes and push them to device via Xcode, but PTD (with VisionPro hardware) will not connect. Have double checked firewalls, router settings, internet connection etc. No congestion or conflicts. VisionOS 1.03, PTD 1.03, PolySpatial 1.03, Unity 2022.3 LTS.