Play Two Animations Simultaneously using Animator

Basically I want to play two animation simultaneously but I can’t able to find any way for it using Animation Controller.

At present I have working animation in sequence but not playing parallel. If you have any other way of playing animation in other way rather than using animation controller then please guide for it also.

So please give some information regarding this.

Now I have work out my problem and find solution for it and here I post it to help other members.
First I want to say that this solution it totally based on my knowledge but now it is working properly.

For playing two animation, you have to create two layers for you same game object for which you want to apply animation.
Here for example, my first layer contains animation for sprite animation and in second layer contains rotation animation.

In first layer you have to create animation normally as you normally create for second animation you have to create another animation state here, not attached with any other state. My this point stated in following image.


Now you have to add other layer with weight of 1 and named it as you like.

Next you have to work for second layer, I have named it Death layer.
For this you have to create empty state named Idle and create transition for your rotation animation. Here based on game over flag I am playing Death animation. Following image represent content of my second layer.


To play actual animation you have to write following code


If you want any other help in this subject then ask me any time.

Use Animation layers in animator, and put each animation in a different layer, and dont forget to configure each layer weight.