Play with my game !

Play with my game here!:

I tried to double the scale in 3dsMax at 200%, of the entire scene, included objects, but there is a problem of little “jerky movements” during Input Control !

  • How can I do to solve this jerky movements?
  • Do I need a more precise sensor, such this brand: “Phidgets Spatial 3/3/3” - USB port, 3 axis gyroscopic? (± 300° degrees per second rotational sensor!!!)
  • This sensor can be more precise than a common USB Joystick?




Ok, since the jerky movement stops as soon as the table gets shaken, this might actually be a very easy one…

Try to put the Apples initially a bit above the table and let them fall down. I believe what’s happening is, that the colliders of the apples and of the table are intersecting each other and so unity gets confused.