Played time?

Is there a variable that you can set to see how long you’r playing the current scene? I would realy like to make like a guilabel in the left corner of my screen saying how long the player is already playing.

if im correct:

  • Time.Time is loaded with the app.
  • Time.timeSinceLevelLoad is loaded
    since the level is loaded.

You just need to have a variable that increments itself each second. Here’s a very simple script. First go to GameObject>CreateOther>GUIText.

Drag this script into an empty game object and add the GUIText that you created into the timeDisplay variable in the inspector window

var playedTime : float;
var timeDisplay : GUIText;

function Start(){
    playedTime = 0.0;

function Update(){

    playedTime += Time.deltaTime;
    timeDisplay.text = Mathf.RoundToInt(playedTime).ToString();


This script should work, tried already. I Hope this helped