Player and tree collide with eachother, but too soon, the green colliders dont hit eachother

Hey there, i have this problem a while now and tried everything to fix it, i created new character, with new box collider, yes all 2d box colliders. On other objects with box collider doesnt work either, the player stops too soon. I tried making collider smaller, and yes the player could move closer and could work my way around it this way, but i dont want to test the whole map how small everything would be. There are no scripts that change somehow the colliders. And both boxcolliders have the edge on 0.

Here you can see that i cant get closer to the tree somehow.

Thanks in advance!

Well i fixed it, not the way i liked it. What i did is start new scene, dropped everything in again etc, and then it worked fine. I still dont know what caused it, but if someone does and/or know how to fix this next time, i would like to know!