Player Blink Timer

I am trying to make a game where you have a blink timer. So around every 10-15 seconds you blink (All lights shut off for a second). I don’t even know where to start on this script, so could someone give me a hand?


Try using a yield Waitforseconds for the waiting part.


yield WaitForSecconds(10)
//Do code

Source: Unity - Scripting API: WaitForSeconds

Turning Off Lights

For the blinking part you could assign the script to all lights so they are synchronised.

To turn the lights off try have a sticky beak at the script reference .

GetComponent(Light).enabled = false;

Source : Unity - Scripting API: Behaviour.enabled

In conclusion

Try to incorporate the code

yield WaitForSeconds(10)
GetComponent(Light).enabled = false;


Disable the camera instead of the lights all at once, (Probably the better choice), i will leave this and the knowledge from above up to you

~ Myhijim