Player/Camera movement

How would I set up a following camera i.e. one with the mouseorbit.js attached and targeted on my player; so that, my player could walk say (relatively) 5 meters around the centre of the view before the camera was to track it. So the Camera only tracked the player after a certain distance travelled from the centre. bad description but does someone know what i mean?

thanks R

I believe you are describing the kind of fixed camera that follows the player which you commonly find in adventure games. So, for example, you would get halfway across the screen before the camera starts tracking you. Is that what you meant?

While searching for camera-related answers of my own, I came across Duck's helpful answer to repositioning the camera on a mouse-click. I would imagine you could adapt that to have the camera track you when you enter a trigger, or if you are within a certain distance of the camera object using the Distance function. You would only need to change the camera's rotation for what you are describing.

I realise (belatedly) that this is an old question, but it's one I expect to make use of myself in the future. If I have time, i'll have a go at this later this evening and edit my answer here if it works.