Player cannot pass through object (Please help me)


I am new to Unity. I am having a problem with a collider object. I wonder how to make a player can’t pass through the object.I try Sphere Colider but it’s seem not working, my player still walk through it.

you can see my project in here :

You have to add a mesh collider to the gameObject.

  1. Click on the gameObject that is able to be walked through.
  2. Go to the “Add Component” button in the Inspector.
  3. Seach, “Mesh Collider” and click on the option with the green box as its icon.
  4. Now test it in game mode and the player shouldn’t be able to go through it.

Let me know if this doesn’t work…

My game what is working well with hero can’t go through wallet by this set up.



You can see there are 2 collider in hero, one for wall and one trigger checked for other action