Player collides with open doorway?

Hi I need a little help.
I created a 3D model of a house with an open doorway, so the player can go inside and take a look around. But when I apply a mesh collider to the house, my player collides with the open doorway. So I can’t go inside. How can I fix this?

Here are some screenshots:

I did not enable convex collisions, and the collider was applied correctly to the right mesh.
But I managed to fix the problem. When the colliders weren’t working correctly I scaled down the character controller so it would fit through the doorway. For some reason the character collider did not scale down, so it still collided with objects it should not have collided with. I fixed the problem by, instead of scaling down the character collider, I scaled up the houses and now everything works as it should have :slight_smile:
Still don’t understand why the character collider did not scale down as well though.