Player Collision with objects (help)

Hey guys,
I am facing this problem which my player instantly loses control of its gravity and starts spinning around after it collides with other objects.
Both my objects and player use rigidbody and colliders.
I tried changing settings and values in those components but nothing seems to solve it.
Can I make a collision between 2 objects without rigidbody? or in other words without any physics or gravity applied?

There are a few options depending on what youre trying to do. if you dont want the player to be affected by the collision, turn on is Trigger on the collider for the other object and use OnTriggerEnter function in a script and program in what you want it to do. Or you could press that little arrow next to constraints and freeze the rotation for your player. or you could uncheck use gravity. Or your collider material could be the problem, try switching that on your player.

what is the player colliding with and how should it react after it has collided with the other object?

I have my player and the map boarders (which I created a cube and expanded it on each sides of the terrain). Now I want that when ever my player collides with my boarders, my player will be blocked.
I tried freezing and rotating my player on all the axis but it still didnt work.
However, Now I am looking for a solution that wont require my player to have a rigidbody but still be blocked by the boarders, Is that even possible? Or is there any other solution that my player will be blocked but it wont require any gravity or kinamatics? maybe a script?
Also, I tried changing shapes of my player’s colliders but it just keeps going worse.

I Freezed my player on position Y and all the rotation axis.