player death sound not playing

i got my hurt sound to work when ever i come into contact with a spike but am not really sure why my death sound is not working

public class playerHealth : MonoBehaviour {
    // declareing health variables
    public float maxHealth;
    private float currentHealth;

    // declareing audio variables
    public AudioClip playerDieing;
    public AudioClip[] hurt;
    public GameObject deathFX;

    // delcareing component variables
    private playerController controllerMovement;
    public  AudioSource playerAS;

    // declareing hud variables
    public Image healthSlider;
    public Image damageScreen;

    private Color damagedColor = new Color(255f, 255f, 255f, 0.5f);

    private bool damaged = false;
    private float smoothColor = 5f;

	void Start () {
        // health instalization
        currentHealth = maxHealth;

        // component instalization
        controllerMovement = GetComponent<playerController>();
        playerAS = GetComponent<AudioSource>();

        // hud instalization
        healthSlider.fillAmount = maxHealth;
        damaged = false;
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
        // if player is damaged then show the damage screen else make the damage screen disapper adjusting the alpha using lerp and deltatime
	    if(damaged) {
            damageScreen.color = damagedColor;
        } else {
            damageScreen.color = Color.Lerp(damageScreen.color, Color.clear, smoothColor * Time.deltaTime);
        // setting damaged equal to false
        damaged = false;

    // controls if the player is being damaged if so then how much damage and what happens when the player takes damage
    public void addDamge(float damage) {
        if(damage <= 0) {
        currentHealth -= damage;
        healthSlider.fillAmount = currentHealth / 100;
        damaged = true;
        if(currentHealth <= 0) {

    public void makeDead() {
        Instantiate(deathFX, controllerMovement.transform.position, transform.rotation);

I’d guess your game object is being destroyed before the sound finishes playing. So, you either need to 1) play the sound from some other class (like an AudioManager or similar), or 2) delay the destruction of your game object until after the sound has completed.

Option #1 is probably a better design, but also likely requires more radical changes to your current design.

For option #2, you might be able to get away with immediately destroying the components you don’t need anymore (for instance, the renderer to “hide” the object). But, delay the destruction of the main object until the clip completes. You can pass in an optional time value to Destroy to delay the destruction for a predetermined amount of time. In your case, you could pass in the length of your audioClip (accessed via the “length” property of the audioClip) as the delay. Or, just pass in a static value that’s “long enough” if you want…