Player does not jump when running at the edge of a ledge (How to add jump tolerance?),Player Does not jump when at the edge of a ledge

im using a 2d overlap circle to check isGrounded. After doing some research i found that due to there being no jump tolerance, pressing the jump button at the last moment results in the jump not registring as even though it seems as the player is on the ground visually, its not grounded. I would really appreciate help on how to add jump tolerance as the platformer requires a lot of edge jumps and im unable to figure out a method to add it.,

There are several reasons why your character is not jumping when you expect. The first 3 thing I would look for are:

  1. When are you capturing the input? The input should be registered during the update pass: make sure it is.
  2. DefaultContactOffset: it may be a matter of sizes… Make sure the default contact offset is set to an appropriate value and that your overlap circle is large enough.
  3. DetectionMode: sometimes, especially for fast moving rigidbodies, it is necessary to change the detection mode: make sure you are using the mode that best fits your case.

Hope it helps! I’m sure you can find more information in Unity official documentation and similar questions here on Unity Answers.