Player Don't stops walking when I stop pressing a key

hi, My player (fps controller) Don’t stops moving when i stop pressing the w key… it moves slower and Thema stops… so fast and controlled moves are impossible… thanks

That is by design - your player has velocity and weight, so you CAN’T stop dead.

But you can tweak a few things. Take a look at your Camera object and you’ll see some CharacterMotor options to change how tall it is, how fast it can accelerate and decelerate. If you ramp these values up very high, I’d imagine you’ll stop much faster.

Otherwise, just don’t use the FPS controller and write your own that stops the moment you release the key (but when you do this it won’t work well with collisions anymore). It’s one of the rules of any development - if the tool you’ve got doesn’t do what you need it to, write a new one that does.