Player exit car.

I am having a problem where I have a enter and exit script but sometimes when I exit the car I sink through the floor, but when I add a cylinder collider I don’t sink through the floor.

here’s the code(JS):

Player.position = transform.TransformPoint(Vector3.up * 15);

Player is the first person controller.

it could be that the characters collider is under your terrain when exiting your vehicle maybe try to change how the exiting is done so it doesnt get below it ? im not sure if thats the issue though you could instead of your code you could just make it so : Player.position = new Vector3(transform.position.x,transform.position.y + 1.0f,transform.position.z);

replace the 1.0 with the difference in height of your car and the player if you dont know what i mean just try different values and see what works best :wink: maybe 2.0 maybe 10.0 or whatever ^^