Player falls through floor after 10-20 seconds and above certain resolution consistantly(Bug?)

Hey guys,
working on a doom-esque style first person shooter. I have a character controller
set up and attached to the main camera.

Everything was working well, I could walk around and fire a weapon and interact with the level.
Recently the character controller started falling through the floor at random points in
the map, seemingly after I had fired my weapon(Rigidbody spawns and is catapulted forward) at my test enemy(Has a collider with trigger ticked to detect collision).
The curious thing is that all of this worked really well, and it seems like it just screwed
itself up heh.

Any ideas and insight would be greatly appreciated!

Additional info:

-The floor and walls are mesh colliders(Tested, those are A-okay).

-Creating a new camera and attaching a character controller seems to eliminate the issue.
But oddly enough the settings are the as with my old controller.

-Project settings are default.

Is there a collider on the character?

I have a similar problem.
The collision detection on Character Controller seems to deactivate itself after some time. But this only happends when I use a LootAt function of me own wich does several RotateAround on various bones. If the RotateAround calls are commentented the problem does not appear. I dont see how the collision detection problem can be linked to te RotateAround.
Any help to solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.

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