Player falls through rising platform?

I have a platform in my scene that is made of a cube with a box collier. It rises and falls through out the game. When my player stands on it it collides normally with the surface and can move around as it should,however, when the platform rises, the player falls through the platform. I find this curios as the physics is as it should when the player jumps. How do I fix this so that the player can rise and fall with the platform?

If you are translating or using an animation, it is bound to mess up the physics. What I often do is to make the moving platform a kinematic rigidbody, then animate or alter in code the velocity. This should collide with rigidbody and character-controller players, but players that translate probably won’t work. If you are using a rigidbody, try using continuous collision detection to prevent it from slipping through. With this method there is no need to check collision in a script.

There are 2 ways I can think of solving this. When your platform is rising match the platform speed and add it to your y velocity to have the player move up as well or you could parent the player to the platform in which the movements are independent of one another. Unity - Scripting API: Transform.parent

Two ideas: perhaps your character is going to sleep, or the relative difference in speed is great enough that your character passes through the platform before the collision registers. My bet is sleep. You can test both by going to Edit/Project Settings/Physics. You can set the sleep velocity to 0 to test for sleep. You can up the Solver Iteration Count to test for velocity issues. Note sleep velocity can be set by script on an object by object basis, so you don’t have to set it to 0 for your entire project.

I assume that your platform adding force to player while going up and player lost it’s balance.try to constrain rotation.