Player floats in Penelope Tutorial

I’m following Penelope’s tutorial to learn more about character control in mobile devices (just finished Lerpz tutorial - yay!). I guess I made a small mistake, but can’t find where.

I made everything step-by-step up to page 41. My CameraRelativeControl.js script works until I add this function:

function _FaceMovementDirection() {
    var horizontalVelocity : Vector3 = character.velocity;

    horizontalVelocity.y = 0;
    if (horizontalVelocity.magnitude > 0.1) {
        thisTransform.forward = horizontalVelocity.normalized;

I have no clue why setting “forward” makes my StandIn fly (it always goes up, never goes down). I put Debug.Log everywhere and anything looks fine (with y=0).

Time to hit my head against a wall: my “StandIn” was created using spheres and capsules, and I got colliders as bonus. These made a bad combination with Character Controller. CC thought the colliders were steps and it just climbs the “invisible steps”. Removing the colliders made everything works as Newton predicted.