Player game object disappears when touching the left and right walls specifically.,player Object Disappears when it collides with left and right walls specifically

Hello, I’m a very new Unity user creating a project that has a player moving about in a walled in box collecting blue food pellets to grow. Every time I collide with the left or right walls during testing though my player character disappears and I am able to move through said walls.

I’ve tried freezing both the rotation and position of the walls in their rigidbodies and checked the “Is Kinematic” box but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know what’s happening and why not the North or South walls?,When My player character collides with the right and left facing walls specifically they disappear and the player is able to move through walls, I’m very new to unity and don’t know why it’s doing this for these walls and not the North and Southern walls

Pre-emtive comment: Sorry for copied text I don’t know hwy that’s happening I can clarify again if that makes it to confusing.

How are your colliders setup (i.e. do you have multiple on each side or just one from the center of your player) and how is your character scaled when it grows?

Due to the nature of your game mechanic, I would hazard a guess from the info you have provided that when you’re growing/scaling your player from eating pellets, your collision is scaling through the walls.

Could do with more info - any chance of a video?