Player Gets Stuck Inside Tilemap Collider,Getting Stuck inside TileMap Colliders

When picking up heavy objects, my player sometimes gets forced down inside of the Composite Tilemap Collider 2D. Rigidbody is Dynamic, and Detection is Continuous. Any ideas why this may be happening, or how I could fix it?


I solved my problem with 2D collisions stuck in the wall like this

But I use EdgeCollider2D for map and PolygonCollider2D for player (a space ship)…
I’m still not sure if every change I made is needed, but I’m sure now that I never get stuck any more… You need of course set values in the 2D physics that match your scale and speed of things in your world, and not just copy my values.

I had this stuck bug for over 2 years and thought it could not be solved, but it was fixable!