Player get's stuck on Tilemap Collider 2D

So, my player has an Box Collider 2D and an noFriction Material (friction = 0, bounciness = 0), my Tilemap has 16x16 pixel Tiles and I use the Tilemap Collider 2D to give every placed Tile automatically an Collider.

The problem is: The player get’s stuck on the Tile edges when I use the Tilemap Collider 2D (only on this collider), this is completly random and I dont know how to fix this.

I have the same problem
I have a enemie patrol, if he walk over any box collider all it’s ok, but if he walk over tilemap 2D collider, he get’s stuck.

Both we have the same problem, any idea guys?

I found the solution

Just check the Used By Composite, this group all boxes like a unic box and the problem is fixed :smiley: