Player getting stuck in colliders that are not touching each others

Hello! I’ve been searching for solutions and can’t find any. My problem is that my character will get frozen on down parts of my tilemaps collider (Im using a composite collider, it gets stuck at the really bottom of one specific tile and i don’t know why. I’ve tried to modify the custom physic shape, but the bug still occures. The weird thing is that the colliders aren’t even touching each others, and my character gets stuck as long as i press the right arrow/right input. Here are a screenshot of my player collider with my tilemap collider (As you can see they are not touching each others)

Now, here is a screenshot with every single object in the scene selected. We can clearly see that my player should not get stuck

(To take those screenshots, I pressed pause while my character was glitching)
Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone!

So when you release the right input will the character unblock?

Can you write a little bit more? Are you using rigidbody2d or going out with the raycasting to detect if a character can move?