Player going upwards when ataching 2Drigidbody

Hello there

Is 2D rigidbody physics-based movement the best way to control my character? I found that I couldn't attach a character controller, so I'm figuring that I have to use the rigidbody for stuff like simple movement (going from side to side and jumping).


Yes, rigidbody2d and using velocities or forces should yield the results you need. See the 2D platformer demo for guidance. The ‘CharacterController’ component is specifically for 3D and works with PhysX (our 3D Physics engine) rather than Box2D (our 2D physics engine), so isn’t of use. We have a Capsule shaped collider coming for 2D in a later version of Unity, but for now just use a circle at the feet and a box for the body area.

I have a similar problem described in the title of this thread. When I create a new animation from two sprites and attach a 2DRigidbody, the object drops down on the Y a little bit and appears to creep up slowly. I expect the animating object to just fall on the Y axis with the 2DRigidbody attached. Thoughts?

Did you uncheck Animate Root Motion, and check Animate Physics?

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

@Naboo unchecking Animate Root Motion did the trick for me like Will suggested.