Player Grounded is glitchy after jumping

I’m pretty new to Unity, so there is most likely an easy solution to this that I just haven’t figured out yet. I’ve been searching the forums for a solution, except the only solutions I’ve found are for a very older version of unity and don’t work at all when I tried them. So what’s been happening is I’m using unity’s 3d first-person template and in that, I made a terrain which may be a part of the problem, but whenever I jump a few times, no matter if I’m standing still or moving around, it just won’t let me jump anymore. I’ve found that the player grounded variable is repeatedly checking on and off and I can’t find any solutions. Any help would be very helpful.

Ok, the problem was that I was just dumb. My character model was always stuck halfway in the ground because my collider was placed above the character model itself.