Player is invisible when scene is switched

I’m a newcomer to Unity and C# and I learnt to use UI in 2D from Brackey’s tutorial that was made 3 years ago. But when I press the play button in the main menu, the scene switches (which isn’t abnormal at all) but my player which is a 3D object (a cube) is invisible for some reason in the main camera. I removed the audio listener in the game scene from the main camera because of the errors it threw, but even when I added it back, the result was the same. If anyone knows why this happened, please answer. I’d appreciate it.

  • Check the position of your cube. See if it is in the frame of the camera. The camera may be too close to view the cube, or the cube may be behind the camera and you may not notice it.
    -Also check the scaling of the cube.
  • I don’t know much about materials, but if you have a material or any sort of color on the cube, check the alpha if possible. Again, I’m not experienced in materials so take that one with a grain of salt.