Player Jump and Camera following player?

Hello everyone, I am new to unity3d and I love it!
Now, I am working on a game which is very similar to this one: Ninja Chicken - YouTube
(Ninja Chicken for Android)
and I would like to know how the jump mechanism works? Right now, I use AddForce() but it does not give me the same jump effect like the jump in the game(Ninja Chicken).
Moreover, I want to know how the Camera in the game tracks the player? Because at the moment my camera keeps the player at the centre of the game all the time which is a bit annoying.
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You can do it all with scripting.

The jump that you use, is based on real physics and gravity, which means that you start the jump in a certain velocity, then slowly slow down, then slow accelerate downwards until you hit the ground. In the game you linked, whenever you jump, there is a set velocity for the jump, both up and down, without any acceleration. So you need to emulate this behaviour without using the bulit-in gravity.

There are many ways to implement this, but the simplest is to use the built-in character controller and add a bit more to it. Check out this tutorial that shows how to do that, and also the camera movement: