player jumps higher when played on android

Hi I m new to unity and making a game for android .But there is a problem, the player is allowed to jump when space bar is pressed or when tapped. when i play the game and see the game view the player jump is just fine as I want when space bar pressed, but when i connect my android device to computer and use unity remote and play the game ,the player jumps very high when tapped.I built the file and installed on device but the Player still jumps higher.I don,t know what is the problem here. Please Help.
here is the code to control the player

 void Update ()

    if ((Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)||Input.touchCount==1)&&isAlive)
        if (grounded)
            rb.AddForce(rb.velocity.x, jumpHeight, rb.velocity.z);  
          //jumpHeight value is 350;

            grounded = false;

    if (!finished&&isAlive)
        Vector3 currentPosition = this.transform.position;
        currentPosition.x += this.forwardSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
        this.transform.position = currentPosition;

I can’t really speak to why this is happening (possibly related to how physics is handled on Android), but you could try to account for it with platform dependent compilation like so:

// reduced jump force

// regular jump force


try using FixedUpdate() instead of Update(). My guess is that gravity is being applied to the PC version much quicker than the Android version because your PC is much faster. FixedUpdate() will limit the calculations so that they occur at 60 times per second regardless of the device, so you will have a predictable outcome every time.