Player keeps looking down

So, I’m completely puzzled. Not even sure if I should include a script because I can’t pinpoint the cause of my issue. In a nutshell:

I added a tree enabler script, and it calls from the Player Prefab. So, before using it I updated the player prefab, and that’s when things went haywire. Whenever I move the player (first person controller) they rotate, almost as if the head were moving forward, toward the ground, slowly. If I disable mouse look the issue goes away, but clearly that’s no solution. Am just really baffled as to what is going on. In an order to fix the problem I used Windows Restore to bring back my Prefab folder from last night, but the same issue now continually happens. Has anyone seen this before? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, and God bless.


Including tree enabler script.

Sorry about that. Should have included before. I’d gladly give more info, if I could figure out which info to include. Just so puzzled by this new issue that I don’t even know where exactly to begin. Thanks for your patient help.

#pragma strict
var player				: GameObject;
var turnOnDistance		: float = 500;
private var playerPos	: Vector3;
private var treePos		: Vector3;
function Start () 


function Update () 
	playerPos = player.transform.position;
	treePos = gameObject.transform.position;
	if(Vector3.Distance(playerPos,treePos) < turnOnDistance)

so… ummm… the cord to my controller had gotten eaten by my chair leg. Once I fixed that the issue went away…

Walk of shame…