Player move from waypoint to waypoint?

Hey Unity, I’m trying to make the player of my game move from column to column (6 columns in game) in order to dodge obstacles inside the columns. Any ideas for a script? Sorry, I am recently new to Unity and this concept. Thanks in advance!
PS: will post pictures of inspector soon, not near computer at the moment.


you could use a easy waypoint solution where you have a list of all waypoints stored in a array as GameObjects. You calculate the vector form your current position to the current waypoint of the array and move your player in that direction unless the distance to that waypoint reaches a minValue. Than you switch to the next waypoint in the array. When you reached the end of the array you begin from start. Thats a way how you can achieve a walking path for a guard for instance.

Example code for a 2D-top-down walk path:

public float actualSpeed = 10.0f;
public GameObject[] checkpoints;
int counter = 0;
public float distance = 2.0f; //on which distance you want to switch to the next waypoint

void FixedUpdate ()
		direction =;

        //get the vector from your position to current waypoint
		direction = checkpoints[counter].transform.position - transform.position;
        //check our distance to the current waypoint, Are we near enough?
		if(direction.magnitude < distance)
			if(counter < checkpoints.Length-1) //switch to the nex waypoint if exists
			else //begin from new if we are already on the last waypoint
				counter = 0;
		direction = direction.normalized;
		Vector3 dir = direction;

		GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity = new Vector2(direction.x * actualSpeed, direction.y * actualSpeed);