Player movement in relation to camera movement

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class MainCamera : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject player; 
public Transform PlayerTransform;
public Transform cam;

private Vector3 _cameraOffset;
private Vector3 offset;

[Range(0.01f, 1.0f)]
public float SmoothFactor = 0.5f;

public bool RotateAroundPlayer = true;
public float RotationSpeed = 5.0f; 
public bool LookAtPlayer = false;

void Start () {
	offset = transform.position - player.transform.position;	
	_cameraOffset = transform.position - PlayerTransform.position;

void LateUpdate () {
	transform.position = player.transform.position + offset; 
	if (RotateAroundPlayer) 
		Quaternion camTurnAngle = 
			Quaternion.AngleAxis (Input.GetAxis ("Mouse X") * RotationSpeed, Vector3.up);
		_cameraOffset = camTurnAngle * _cameraOffset;
	Vector3 newPos = PlayerTransform.position + _cameraOffset;

	transform.position = Vector3.Slerp (transform.position, newPos, SmoothFactor);

	if (LookAtPlayer || RotateAroundPlayer)
		transform.LookAt (PlayerTransform);
	transform.position += new Vector3 (Input.x, 0, Input.y) * Time.deltaTime * 5;

	Vector3 camF = cam.forward;
	Vector3 camR = cam.right;

	camF.y = 0;
	camR.y = 0;
	camF = camF.normalized;
	camR = camR.normalized;

	transform.position += (camF*Input.y * camR*Input.x)*Time.deltaTime*5; 


I’m trying to get my character to move in the direction the camera is facing, I’ve sorted all the code aside from the direction. I’m getting the “‘UnityEngine.Input’ does not have a definition for x and y” However i know for a fact that I have referenced the axis multiple times. Any idea what’s up? Might just be me being an idiot

transform.position += new Vector3 (Input.x, 0, Input.y) * Time.deltaTime * 5; (This is where I am getting the error)

There’s no x or y on the Input class. There is, however, Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") and Input.GetAxis("Vertical").