Player movement question

I have a bit of code that was written by someone else, and I’ve been modifying it heavily. There is one thing that I can’t seem to understand about it though - it checks for two types of movement:

If mouse button is clicked, it moves the player to the location of the click

If mouse button is held, it moves the player toward where the mouse is currently at, and follows it around.

The if statements that check if this is true are so similar that I can’t spot what actually makes this happen. Can anyone point it out to me? And I’m sorry if it is very obvious…I’m just not seeing it.

// Moves the Player if the Left Mouse Button was clicked:
            if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown((int)mouseButton) && GUIUtility.hotControl == 0)
            {  //move where clicked }

// Moves the player if the mouse button is held down:
else if (Input.GetMouseButton((int)mouseButton) && GUIUtility.hotControl == 0)
            { //move where mouse is held down }

Apparently I just needed to see it in a different format.



I’ve been looking at this code for 3 days trying to spot the difference…