Player movement with lerp is jerky.

Hey!I have a question! I’ve got this piece of code:

        if (TargetChanged(Target, TarLastPos))
    bool TargetChanged(Transform target, Vector3 lastPos)
        if (
            //Target moved a tad
            Mathf.Abs(target.position.x - lastPos.x) > 0.01f ||
            Mathf.Abs(target.position.y - lastPos.y) > 0.01f ||
            Mathf.Abs(target.position.z - lastPos.z) > 0.01f
            return true;
            return false;
    //Move player so it is in fron of camera

    IEnumerator LerpPlayer(float duration)
        isLerping = true;
        Vector3 StartingPos = Player.transform.position;
        float StartTime = Time.time;
        float MovementPercent = 0f;
        while (MovementPercent < 1)
            MovementPercent = (Time.time - StartTime) / duration;
            this.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(StartingPos, Target.position, MovementPercent);
            yield return null;
        isLerping = false;
        this.transform.position = Target.position;

What it should do:It is meant to make the player’s position get lerped to where the camera is pointing(indicated by the Vector3 Target) and because it is a Lerp, I need it to be in a IEnumerator,but that also means to not cause imense lag i set up a function to detect if the camera(Target) changed and so it stops the coroutine and start’s it again, this time having the new Vectors.

What it does: It works…sort of. The player is “jolty” indicated in the gif, and I am not quite sure why, it should be smooth…

P.S. I couldn’t find any question/answer that solved my problem yet, but I might have missed the answer i was looking for.

Gif: Screen capture - 0ade1715343fc82ce4a580359a7f4620 - Gyazo

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Looks like you are running the camera and object in different update loops.

Try yielding on WaitForFixedUpdate instead.

If this is for mobile, yielding like that is a performance problem, and you’d be better off putting it in the FixedUpdate function.