Player Movement.

Is there a good set of example scripts for what we’d call standard player movement that you find in most games ?

I’m specifically after a script that deals with 3d Isomorphic player movement and camera control.

right click to move.
left click to interact with something.
wasd to move the camera angle.

Also have been wondering about 3rd person.

right click and drag mouse to move camera/pivot player.
wasd to move and strafe.

Any help along these lines would be great. It’s just the stealth tutorial left a bit to be desired on these 2 fronts.

Yes there’s the CharacterController set that comes with unity,
they are in a mix of Unity script and C# which is kinda inconvenient.

To get it go to Assets > Import Package > CharacterController,
you example will import into your project inside a folder called Standard Assets
there behavior is basic, so they won’t interact with anything, they just move.

from experience it is easier to start from scratch than edit one of those examples… trust me. However it is worth digging around in it and see how things work.

once you get that ,you can try figuring out how to get the behaviors you want to work, strafing for example is directly editing the x coordinate relative to the rotation of the object but ignoring the cameras rotation.