Player moves left even when not pressing any buttons, help!

Hi there,

I am currently developing a game as part of my university course and I am having heaps of fun learning Unity. However, I have encountered a strange issue in the process of moving my files from my laptop (which I use at University) to my Desktop. When I open the project on my desktop and press the play button, my character starts walking to the left of screen (this is a platformer game). This also happens when playing a built version (.exe) of the game.

I have the player setup to use Input.GetAxisRaw so i know that the player should only move left when the A key/left arrow key etc. is being pressed and this works perfectly on other computers. I thought maybe it was something with my keyboard since it was pretty old so I have swapped it out for a standard Microsoft one that I had sitting in a box (brand new) and i still get the same issue. I am out of ideas as to what could be causing this, I don’t have a joystick or any other input device plugged in and I have no idea how to troubleshoot this…maybe there is something I can run in debug mode and have a look?

Any help here is much appreciated as it is making development/testing on this computer a very annoying process.

Figured it out thanks to the comment from MajorParts. After looking through all the software on my PC I found something called VJoy which is a virtual joystick, I have no idea why I had this on my computer but it was obviously the problem as after I uninstalled it and restarted my PC, the problem was resolved.

Uninstall VJoy which is a virtual joystick.

I had the same problem, but no such software was installed. I found the problem by looking in the Device Manager under Human Interface Devices and found a HID-compliant game controller there when none was connected. I disabled it, and all was good in the world. And when I plugged-in my XBOX 360 controller another one appeared, but that was as it should be. The controller works fine.

Thanks @mmcelt, that solved my issue with a flight controller spinning left only on the build, but behaving itself in the editor. I found three HID Compliant Game Controllers and deleted them all. Appreciate you mentioning this solution!